Automatic line for packaging catering rolls


For professional use
The top loading cartoner has been developed to package institutional (food service) rolls of aluminum foil, plastic film and baking paper into cardboard boxes. The carton can be connected to one or more automatic rewinding machines to minimize output, it comprises a carton erector, a compact robot that quickly inserts rolls into cartons, and a carton closing device. Specially designed cartons support the roll packaging without any additional suspension device. No plastic or other core plugs are therefore needed. The blank is designed to minimize cardboard consumption and to reduce carton costs. The ROTO MAC top loading cartoner can be provided with downstream equipment for labeling, printing, bundling and wrapping.

Technical data
Carton dimension: Section: from 80x80 mm up to 110x110 mm (One size, NOT Adjustable)
Length: from 300 mm up to 500 mm (Adjustable)
Speed: up 15 pcs/min but depending upon the roll dimension
Carton magazine: Approx. 180 pcs (with E-flute folded carton)
Absorbed power: 10 kW Max
Electric power supply: 400 V, 50 Hz, 3 ph + 0 + E (other on request)
Overall dimensions: Depending on the customization of the line
Robot: Included (suitable for rolls up to 4,5 Kg)
Hot-melt unit to close the carton: Included
Transfer belt between rewinding machines and loading station: Up to 2 m is included
Connection belt between loading station and closing unit: Up to 2 m is included
Devices for factory fault diagnosis and remote assistance: On request
Other configurations of transfer belts such as different lengths and 90 degree turns: On request
Additional equipment for wrapping, labeling and ink jet marking: On request
Static electricity unit for easy wrapping: Included
Connection transfer and synchronised unit for rolls: Included