Automatic metal tear edge machine


For the application of metal serrated knifes to cartons
The automatic metal tear edge 805 cuts a metal serrated knife from an aluminum mother roll and applies it to the unfolded carton blank. The position of the knife on the carton can be changed through simple and easy-to-make adjustments. The machine can operate with cartons of various shapes and sizes and applies the knife to the unglued flat blank carton.

Technical data
Knife material: Aluminum alloy 5052 H 19 or equivalent
Aluminum thickness: 0,20 mm
Outer diameter of mother-roll: 800 mm max
Material width: from 100 mm up to 475 mm
Cardboard thickness: from 0,35 mm up to 0,50 mm
Carton blank dimensions: min. 300 x 150 mm - max. 560 x 270 mm
Mechanical Productivity: from 40 up to 100 pcs/min
Absorbed power: 6,5 kW Max
Electric power supply: 400 V, 50 Hz, 3 ph + 0 + E (other on request)
Compressed air: 0,6 - 0,8 Mpa
Overall measures L x W x H: 3,300 x 2,100 x 2,200 mm approx.
Weight: 2,500 Kg approx.
N.1 Complete tool with one set of matrixes
and punches
On request
for the production
of one type of serrated knife:
Additional complete set of spare matrices
and punches:
On request