A broad portfolio of highly efficient machines for a variety of applications

Rotomac offers quality solutions for complete manufacturing plants. Those include a range of accessories and additional equipment to further improve the outputs and efficiencies of roll production plants for food wrapping uses.

These units, like all Rotomac equipment, are specifically designed to give the best solution between technological advances, manufacturing efficiency and cost of production reduction.:

The Rotomac Accessory Machines:

Trimming machines model 212
They are used to cut the two deformed sides of the PVC film mother-rolls.
Metal tear edge machines model 805
They are used to put a metal serrated knife on the cartons.
Rolls accumulators model MR16
They are used to collect the rolls coming from the rewinding machines, and provide a buffer in case the cartoning machine stops and allows the rewinding machine to continue running for a set period while the cartoner is restarted.
Cores Feeding Systems
Downstream Equipment and Handling Systems
Turnkey Plants


Automatic trimming machine


Automatic metal tear edge machine

MR 16

Automatic roll acculator

SB 02

Lifting system for mother rolls