SB 02

Lifting system for mother rolls


Lift trolley
The semi-electric lifting system SB 02 has been developed for easy loading of aluminum and paper mother rolls onto ROTO MAC rewinding machines. This easy-to-operate lifting system significantly improves productivity and efficiency.
The lifting motion is electric/hydraulic while the transport of the trolley is carried out manually by the operator.

Technical data
SB 02
Movement of the trolley: Manual
Lifting system: Electric/Hydraulic
Max weight of mother roll: 1,000 Kg
Lifting height: From 285 mm ÷ 1,220 mm
Shaft journal diameter: Suitable for 50 mm
Working voltage: 12 V
Outer diameter of the front wheels: 80 mm
Fork width: Adjustable: 110 ÷ 700 mm
Distance between front wheels: Internal: 1,300 mm
External: 1,484 mm
Overall weight: 310 Kg
Overall measures L x W x H: 1,500 x 1,400 x 1,550 mm approx.
Mother rolls holder: Accessory on request